PR Friendly!

I do not accept any form of advertising. I will, however, review and keep products, services and other forms of compensation. In return, I will review and promote your product with an honest review within 2 weeks of receiving it. 

I most actively review items within the scope of this blog (i.e. family, cooking, baking, gardening, women's interests, children, teens, etc) but I will consider any proposal that you wish to send  me. 

The compensation I receive, be it product or something else, never guarantees a favorable  review. I will always honestly and tactfully review all products, services, etc. All of my posts will include pictures as well as my personal opinion of the item. 

All of the opinions expressed on this blog are my own, always. I will not give a positive review in return for payment, so please do not ask. I very carefully monitor my reviews and will not review an item that is in direct conflict of interest with any brand that I endorse, am an Ambassador for, or review. 

As always, getting the facts is up to you. Any statement found on this blog should be researched before being taken as the holy truth. 
 You can contact me at and I will be happy to talk to you about reviewing your product. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! I just made your apple oatmeal muffins with maple glaze - they are AMAZING!! JUST like the ones from Costco only WAY healthier :-) Thanks for all the time and work you put into your blog - I appreciate it!!

Kristi Hardman
22 years old
Snohomish, WA