Friday, September 21, 2012

Sprucing Up The Fridge

I have little kids, as most of you know, so my fridge tends to take a beating. Spills, messes and random sandwiches shoved in there for "later" all take a toll on the cleanliness of Mr. Refrigerator. So, I got the brilliant idea to protect my delicate glass shelving AND make it easier to clean out. 

The (mostly) empty fridge before:

The door:

I thoroughly cleaned it out and scrubbed every surface. Then I got out my trusty cutting mat, a razor knife and a roll of shelf lining. This stuff comes in so many colors and patterns you could make your fridge look like anything you want on the inside! I chose this plain cause I thought it was cheerful and cute.

I just cut the shelf liner to size for each piece of glass and laid it on top. It has non-slip grip on the back so it isn't going to go anywhere and clean up will be so much easier to do now. Just wipe it off and you're good to go. I have found that with the glass shelves, some things don't come off very easily, like jam, and I haven't had a problem yet with the shelf paper. Plus, it's cute :)
Fridge after:

I couldn't be happier with the way this turned out and how nice it looks. Not too shabby for a cheap, quick fix!


Kathy Martin said...

What a cute idea. And when it gets nasty or you want a change just take it out.

Charley Cooke said...

Exactly! We use a lot of glass gallon jars in our fridge and the bottoms were sometimes scratching the glass when we pulled them in or out. Not anymore and it looks cute too ;)