Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Mocha or Frappe Mix

I like a good cup of coffee once in a while, but since I took myself off of caffeine it's become harder and harder to find a good cup. So, I make it at home. I have been lactose intolerant my entire life, until we switched to our own non-homogenized raw milk. I can now consume dairy like it's going out of style and not have any problems~ as long as it's our milk. This poses another problem when it comes to getting a good cup of coffee. Most coffee stands add milk to their coffees and I just can't handle it. Another reason to make it at home.

It couldn't be simpler. You just mix up some of this powdered mix, stir it into hot water or blend it with ice and milk. That's it! You can adjust flavors to your liking, make it decaf or caffeinated, add syrups or not. It makes it very cost effective to have what you want without having to go to a coffee stand or fast food place to get it.

Mocha Mix
adapted to be healthier from here
also seen here
1/2 cup instant coffee (I used decaf)
1 cup sugar (I used raw sugar)
1 cup dry milk (mine was non-fat)
1 cup non-dairy creamer (flavored makes a nice addition)
1/2 cup cocoa powder (baking cocoa, I used regular old Hershey's)

Mix it all together and store it in an airtight container (it fits exactly into a quart jar).

To make a hot mocha add 4 Tablespoons to 8 oz of hot water. Stir well.

To make a blended drink (think frappe) add 1 1/2 cups ice, 2/3 cups milk and 1/2 cup mix to a blender and blend well. You can add syrups, ice cream toppings (hello caramel!) or anything else you want at this stage. I have to admit that I use thin cream from our milk instead of milk, but you can use skim, fat free, 1%, 2% or whole milk. Up to you!

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Robert Mahan said...

I have always preferred frappes over hot coffee and it would be awesome if I could make it at home whenever I’m craving for it (especially in the middle of the night while finishing my work). Did you know there are some stores that deliver roasted coffee right at your doorstep? Now you really don't have to leave the house to buy your ingredients too.

Robert Mahan