Friday, July 15, 2011

My Day

Recently I have had several people ask me how I have time to fit "everything" in my day. When I have someone ask me this it is so hard not to laugh! I NEVER get everything done, and most days I don't even get all the things I would LIKE to get done, done. But, since there seemed to be at couple people interested in what my day was like, I thought I would outline it here for you.

Just a note~ I do not feel special. I do not think that I get tons done every day. I don't think that what I do is in any way, shape or form more important than how you fill the hours of your day. This is simply a way to answer those questions in a fairly simple way. :)

5:30-6:00 AM~ Wake up time! Kevin goes to milk the cow and I get ready to deal with the milk. I also try to make his lunch and breakfast, start a load of laundry and get the dishwasher ready to go.

7:00 AM~ Kevin is home, I strain the milk and I may or may not pasteurize it, depending on what I am doing with it. I get the milk bucket cleaned and scalded and then I put my whole mess of milky dishes in the dishwasher and start it. I decide what we're going to have for dinner and make sure I get something out of the freezer if I need to.

8:00 AM~ Kids are usually up by now, so I feed them and line up their morning chores. They eat and get dressed, then do chores. I finish cleaning the kitchen, wipe down the table, change over the laundry, pick up the living room floor and sweep all of my floors.

9:00-9:30 AM~ We go outside at this point and try to get some outdoor stuff done. Usually this means watering the garden/lawn, mowing the grass, picking veggies, etc. We feed and water the chickens, let them out to eat bugs in the garden.

10:30 AM~ Back inside for a while. I prep anything that I can for dinner, think about lunch and afternoon snack. This year it hasn't been as hot, so I have been able to bake later in the morning. When it gets warmer this will move to first thing in the AM. I change the laundry over for the morning and (usually) fold it and put it away. While I am putting it away, I pick up my room and make my bed.  We do any other household chores that need done (mop, clean bathroom, put away dishes, etc).

12:00 Noon~ Lunchtime! We eat and then clean up. The girls have free time until naps (2:00 PM) so they will play outside or use the table for a project, depending on how hot it is. I use this time to work on my to-do list and any other things I may want to do, like sewing or crochet.

2:00 PM~ The twins go down for a nap and the big girls start school time. Right now we are able to get our work done mostly during nap time. When the "school year" starts again, we will expand from just basics like reading, writing and math. History, Science, Home Ec and other things will be added again. I get dinner ready to go when I get back from milking.

5:00 PM~ Nap time over and snack happens. Everyone gets dressed and shoes on.

5:30 PM~ We go milk Petunia.

6:30 PM~ Home from milking. I strain the milk and put it away and start dinner. Kevin usually gets home about now, so he hangs out with the kids and takes care of anything that might have broken during the day LOL

7:00 PM~ Dinner then dinner clean up. The kids clear the table while I put dinner away and load the dishwasher. They go get ready for bed and we all settle down to do something together. Most often this is TV, but it can be playing outside or walking through the garden or whatever.

8:30 PM~ Bedtime for the kids. Kevin puts them to bed and reads them a story. Right now, they are also practicing one Spanish word as well :)

9:00 PM~ I get a little computer time while Kevin does his thing and then we either watch TV or read. Before we go to bed we talk about the next day and decide what we're going to do. Kind of lay out our day.

10:00-11:00 PM~ Bedtime for us. We always hope to be in bed before 11, but we rarely seem to make it.

Then I wake up and we do it all over again!

 My day is pretty full, and there are things that get done that I didn't list here, but they don't happen every. single. day. so I didn't include them. This is the schedule that I try to stick too. It changes a bit in the fall, but this is basically it.

How do you schedule your day? A rigid schedule or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?? Tell me!!!

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Tina H said...

First that cinnamon roll looks sooo darn good!! My mouth is watering! I have not had a good fluffy one in a while.

Your day is packed!! But also structured! My day is nowhere near as structured as yours- haha.

Kudo's to you!